How the GCE National Accounts Team Can Light the Way Through Your Supply Chain Challenges

Never have there been so many worldwide supply chain challenges occurring at the same time. Shipment delays and shortages of lighting materials and components are likely causing significant problems for your business.

We believe these issues may not be solved for months, and some experts predict we won’t see relief until mid-2022.

Thankfully, we have been able to shield our customers from many of these challenges thanks to our long-time relationships with today’s top lighting manufacturers.

Here’s how GCE can light the way and keep your supply chain running smoothly:

Price Protections

We have all seen considerable price increases on lighting equipment in the first half of this year. GCE National has successfully negotiated firm pricing for our customers that will eliminate increases for this year and, in some cases, next year as well.

Decreasing Lead Times

We’ve seen projected ship dates delayed by lighting manufacturers due to component issues and availability. By bringing in your specific inventory early and having finished goods ready to ship, GCE National can help you to avoid unexpected shipping delays.

Sourcing Alternate, High-Quality Products

There have also been significant delays with lighting manufacturing and production. To combat this, we can source alternate “like” products that meet all of your spec and performance requirements. This ensures that despite production issues, the lighting products you receive will be high-quality, and they will be delivered on time.

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