Spend Less Time Paying Invoices & More Time Running Your Business

Because your business works with multiple vendors every day, you don’t have time to sift through hundreds of individual invoices to find out who you need to pay and when. However, if you miss an invoice, your vendor could pause or terminate your service, which can cause major disruptions throughout your business. This is why you need a flexible partner who can provide you with the minimum amount of invoices possible, so you have time to pay bills and keep your business running smoothly.

Turn 40 Invoices Into 4

At GCE National, we put your needs first, which is why we created our consolidated invoicing service. With consolidated invoicing, we dramatically reduce the amount of invoices you expect from a lighting and electrical partner, allowing you to focus on more important tasks and initiatives. For most of our customers, this means paying four invoices, rather than 40.

With our consolidated invoicing services, you get:

  • The minimum possible number of invoices
  • Monthly bills, rather than bi or tri monthly
  • More time for critical business tasks
  • No gaps in service

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