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The Top 5 Ways to Save Money on Your Business’s Lighting Expenses

If left unchecked, lighting can become a massive cost center for any business. These costs can be exceptionally high for companies with many large locations that must be lit every day. If you have many locations and your lighting is not efficient, each building you own multiplies the amount of money you’re wasting.

Below, we’ll discuss five proven ways you can minimize your lighting costs while maintaining quality lighting at all of your locations.

The Top 5 Ways to Save

1. Upgrade to LEDs

LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting uses the latest technological advances to produce energy-efficient lighting for your facility. Installing them comes along with a multitude of money-saving benefits, including:

2. Install Lighting Controls

Lighting controls are another piece of technology you can use to reduce your lighting expenses. Some lights throughout your building must be on at all times, and others do not. Lighting empty rooms and vacant areas is extremely common and can be a massive waste of resources. You can use lighting controls to ensure your lights are only on when they are needed and save big on energy costs.

Lighting control systems vary greatly and can be highly complex, but here are a few of the most common, practical options:

Dimmers: Dimmers allow you to dim lights without turning them off completely. They allow you to save energy and establish different moods throughout your building.

Sensors: Occupancy sensors will only turn the lights on if there are people in the room they are surveying. Photosensors detect light and are extremely useful for illuminating parking garages. Lastly, motion sensors can keep areas secure by triggering the lights when they detect movement.

Timers: Timers turn the lights on and off automatically based on the times you program. These are a good option if you have spaces in your building that will not be used after a specific time.

3. Invest in Long-Lasting Lighting Products

Although cheaper lighting products seem like the way to go at first, these products will end up costing your business more money and more headaches in the long run. In most cases, the cheaper the product is, the faster it malfunctions and the quicker it will need to be replaced. This means you will have to spend more of your budget on new lighting materials and pay more to your service provider to deliver and install them. Conversely, high-quality lighting products are more reliable, provide superior illumination, and will ultimately save you more money.

4. Sign Up for an Energy Audit

Energy audits break down your energy use and provide you with a tailored list of expert suggestions on how you can save energy at your building.

5. Leverage Sunlight

If your buildings have many windows and lots of natural light coming in, it is a waste not to use it. If your building gets enough sunlight, you may not need to turn the lights on at all on some days. While these days may seem few and far between, they add up quickly and can make a substantial financial difference over the course of a year.

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