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The Top 5 Challenges Of Lighting A Car Dealership

There’s a lot to think about when it comes to lighting a car dealership. What kind of lighting will make the cars look their best? How can you choose lighting options that make your dealership appear more professional than the competition? There are few purchases bigger than a car, and car dealerships do everything they can to maximize sales and improve the customer experience.

Your customers might not be consciously thinking about lighting, but it does affect how comfortable they are, how long they may stay, and how they view the vehicles you are selling. It might be time to examine common car dealership lighting challenges.

Risk of Poor Lighting At Your Dealership

Many dealerships do not recognize the negative effects poor lighting has on their business. The wrong lighting can adversely affect employee morale and customers’ moods, which can cause sales to fall.

Top 5 Lighting Challenges For Dealerships

1 Signage

Some car dealerships might not believe a sign is important and instead focus on advertising or other marketing tactics. However, a prominent sign can be seen from miles away, which can help your dealership reach customers that might not otherwise have considered you.

Keep a bright and clean sign lit up at all times, and it can keep customers coming through your door.

2 Find the Right Level

If we are going to talk about car dealership lighting, we have to talk about brightness. Some car dealerships prefer lights that are so bright that they are almost uncomfortable, while other car dealerships have lighting that is so dim that it’s a complete turn-off to customers.

You should consult with your employees to find a brightness level that makes sense. They will be the ones who have to deal with the lighting every day, so their input is extremely valuable.

3 Use LED Floodlights for Increased Light Output, Longer Life and Energy Savings

Floodlights can highlight your vehicles well, but there’s an additional benefit: they can often help the parking lot of your dealership appear “safer” later into the afternoon and evening hours.

4 Neutral Colors

When considering what colors you should use for your lighting, there’s a simple rule to follow: keep it simple and don’t try to go all out with a specific light color or theme.

Some situations might call for more festive lighting, such as holidays where you can show off a more “fun” side. However, dealerships are better off going with neutral colors rather than experimenting too much. The dealership is a place to show off cars – the product should always be the focus.

5 Consider Smart Lighting

You may want to consider switching over to a smart lighting system to cut down on costs.

A simple investment in a smart lighting system can pay for itself and more over time. For example, a smart lighting system can save you money every day by automatically dimming the lights at a specific time of day.

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