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The Top 5 Cannabis Grow Facility Lighting Myths (& the Facts)

The Top 5 Cannabis Grow Facility Lighting Myths (& the Facts)

Cannabis growth is fraught with myths. Many believe that it is easy, while others believe it is too hard. It is difficult to know when there are myths surrounding cannabis grow facilities. Learn more about the risk of believing myths and why the truth is essential. Keep reading to find the top five myths about cannabis growing facilities and how GCE National can help!

The Risk of Believing Myths and Why the Truth is Essential

If you believe in the myths about cannabis growing facilities, you could possibly ruin your cannabis yield or it could prevent you from starting your business.

Some myths can be directly harmful to your plants. For example, someone may say that the hottest lights are the best. When in reality, the hottest lights could burn and cause damage to your cannabis. It is best to learn the truth behind each myth to protect your plants and investment.

Learning the truth about lighting can also help you become a better cannabis grower. By seeking out the facts, you can learn the best way to light your cannabis grow facility. One of the best ways to learn more is to seek the help of a professional!

Top 5 Myths About Cannabis Growing Facilities

#1: The Lights Can’t Hurt You

When we think of dangerous lighting, we probably think of too much UV lighting. For example, standing in the sun on a hot day without sunscreen. However, you can also be harmed by lighting even without the sun. Many of our indoor grow lights also have a significant amount of UV lighting. In your cannabis growing facility, you are trying to mimic an outdoor grow cycle. Therefore your lights must act as a sun replacement. It is important to wear sunscreen and limit your time under harsh UV lights because it can lead to skin cancer and other physical ailments.

#2: Growing Cannabis Means That You Are Using Too Much Energy

While it does take a large amount of energy to grow cannabis, it does not have to be excessive. There are many energy-efficient opportunities in cannabis growing. For example, many choose to harvest daylight during the day. This allows them to reduce their energy output. Others may choose to use LEDs (light-emitting diodes) as a replacement for other traditional lights such as metal halides and incandescents. LEDs drastically cut down on energy usage. Not only does it cut down on energy usage, but it cuts down on costs too!

#3: Cannabis Growing Facilities Are Not Environmentally-Friendly

Similar to overusing energy, many believe the myth that cannabis growing facilities are not environmentally friendly. Many believe this because of the artificial lighting, plastic, and water that is used throughout the growing process. Cannabis facilities often use plastic films and containers; however, many recyclable and biodegradable types of plastics are now available. There are also many ways to avoid using too much water. Usage of water meters and drip irrigation lines can help you keep track of your water usage. Many use this system to avoid overwatering and plant decay. With these practices in place, growing facilities can be eco-conscience.

#4: More Lights Equal More Cannabis Growth

One of the most believed myths is this: more lighting equals more cannabis growth. This is simply not true. In fact, the more lights you use, the more likely you are to harm your plants. Growing cannabis can be a very delicate business. The plants require a specific amount of light and a type of light. If you try to overload your grow room with copious amounts of lighting, you will possibly burn your cannabis plants. Lights must not be too close to the plants, and they must not overwhelm the plants. More lighting does not equal more cannabis growth.

#5: The Red and Blue Spectrum is the Only Way to Grow Cannabis

Many believe that the combination and switching from the red spectrum to the blue spectrum is the only way to grow cannabis. While this is somewhat true, it is not completely true. Cannabis can and will also respond to full-spectrum lighting. For example, from natural daylight or full-spectrum LEDs. Full-spectrum lighting will provide a good amount of growth and great quality cannabis.

What Now?

The best thing you can do for your cannabis grow facility is talk with a professional! GCE National has many expert employees that understand the truth about growing facilities. They can help you determine the myths from the truth. If you need help understanding more about lighting and cannabis grow facility lighting, GCE National can help. Speak with GCE National for trusted, accurate advice on lighting your grow facility.

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