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The 7 Keys to Effective Restaurant Lighting Design

When you are creating a lighting design for a restaurant (or any space), it takes careful consideration. Many things can go wrong and disrupt the natural flow; however, if it is done correctly, many things can go right! Choosing lights for your restaurant can feel like a daunting task, but with the proper help and an effective lighting design, it can be a breeze.

Different Levels of Lighting in a Restaurant

When you are lighting a restaurant, it is vital to consider every room and space. Different areas and rooms of your restaurant will require different types of lighting. For example, the kitchen will need bright task lighting for working. However, tables and sitting areas will require softer, ambient lighting. Tables will also need lighting that allows customers to read the menu. Because of this, don’t choose one type of lighting for your entire restaurant. In addition to this, other factors can lead to a poor lighting design. Keep reading to learn the risks that come with improper lighting.

Risk of Poor Lighting Design

If you do not have a proper lighting design in place, you may see an increase in several problems. For instance, there may be more accidents among customers and employees. Not enough lighting can cause people to miss spills on the floor or important signage posted around the restaurant.

Poor lighting can also cause a dip in sales! If your lights are not inviting or create a dissatisfied atmosphere, you may lose customers and lose sales. This type of poor lighting can also give your restaurant a bad reputation. On the other hand, a well-executed design can delight your customers. To avoid the risks of poor lighting, you must learn how to effectively light your restaurant!

7 Keys to Effective Restaurant Lighting Design

Stick to Your Theme and Goals

As a restaurant owner, you probably have a single goal in mind. It may be to create a relaxing, soothing business, or it could be to create a western-style, interactive atmosphere. Your lighting should reflect well on your goals and themes. Choosing lights that contribute to the theme will immerse the customers and provide a satisfactory experience.

Keep Your Customers in Mind

If your restaurant is a sit-down, formal restaurant, your customers are probably coming to your business to relax and to be taken care of. With this in mind, you will need your lighting to set the mood. Choosing ambient lighting is vital in this situation. On the other hand, restaurants that serve breakfast and lunch to-go will typically serve customers in a hurry. Keep the lights bright and functional for your customers.

Don’t Forget Your Employees

When lighting a restaurant, it is easy to focus on the customers. You mustn’t forget about your employees. Workers will need adequate lighting that allows them to operate quickly and efficiently. Without good lighting in the kitchen or functional areas, your restaurant will not run smoothly.

Enhance Your Space

Lighting can be used to enhance your space as well! For example, you can make your small space feel larger. By layering your lights and using different lighting styles, you can create a more open atmosphere. You can also make a large space feel more relaxing by using softer lights. They can make the area feel smaller and more intimate.

Don’t Forget Outdoor Lighting

While you want your customers to feel comfortable and looked after in your restaurant, you have to get them in the door first! Good outdoor lighting can draw attention to your restaurant and drum up business. You can also use outdoor lighting to create a relaxing ambiance. String lights, lamp posts, and outdoor seating can appear more inviting.

Choose Multi-Functional Lighting

When choosing your lighting, you must choose lighting that you can use throughout the day and year. For example, you do not want to choose lights that can only be used during the morning. Selecting lights that can be controlled via remotes or timers are greatly beneficial for restaurants. You can manage your atmosphere quickly and efficiently with multi-functional lighting.

Talk to a Professional

Most importantly, talking to a professional is the best tip for lighting a restaurant. Finding someone knowledgeable does not have to be difficult. GCE National is well trusted by many clients and restaurants.

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