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How to Set the Ideal Mood at Your Restaurant

Are you a new business looking to create an inviting and relaxing atmosphere? Or are you an established restaurant looking to revamp and remodel to make your space even better?

  • By using mood lighting, you can mold your space into a local hot spot.
  • Mood lighting can make or break a great dining experience.
  • You can use mood lighting to build a worthwhile ambiance.

Read below to find out what mood lighting is, how to set the ideal mood, and how a GCE National Restaurant Lighting Expert can help you transform your restaurant!

What Is Mood Lighting

restaurantMood lighting is used to create a specific experience in a space. Mood lighting is a combination of fixtures, bulbs, temperatures, shades, and other lights that aid in introducing the atmosphere.

Mood lighting determines the atmosphere and appearance of a business. Lights in fast-food restaurants are bright and busy, establishing an engaging atmosphere.

Not only can it create a busier feel to the air, but it can also offer a calmer feel to the air. For example, if this restaurant is intended to be an intimate setting for couples and small groups, mood lighting can be soothing.

Mood lighting is used to establish a restaurant’s personality. This is ideal for restaurant owners who want to create more returning customers.

The Importance of Ambiance at Restaurants

What is ambiance? The ambiance is the character or atmosphere of a place. The ambiance is extremely vital to restaurants. Many customers believe that ambiance is one of the most important factors of any restaurant.

Customers typically go out to dinner to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. They are hoping to enter into another world that can serve as a distraction.

Those looking to engage in a relaxing world will want to be enveloped in soft lights, gentle music, and a tranquil atmosphere. Likewise, those looking for something more upbeat will desire bright lights, bassy music, and a busy atmosphere.

The ambiance of any restaurant, whether relaxing or energetic, is a snapshot of the business. Customers are met with the atmosphere of the restaurant the moment they walk through the doors. This is why it is crucial to demonstrate a level of organization and harmony.

The ambiance is crucial to a restaurant because it is often the deciding factor of whether or not a customer will return.

How to Set the Ideal Mood

Use the following six tips to set the ideal mood at your restaurant:

1 Use Ambient Lighting

As previously mentioned, the ambiance is essential to a successful restaurant. Using soft lights can create a more peaceful atmosphere for customers. Consider using dimmable lights to imitate the flow of natural light. For example, setting the lights brighter during the early hours and gently decreasing the lumination as it grows later. Decide the perfect temperature for your restaurant. Use cool white for busier, engaging restaurants and warmer tones for quiet, intimate restaurants.

2 Use Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is also essential in setting the ideal mood of a restaurant. Using accent lights for intimate tables can create a more romantic setting. Or you can use accent lights in a more functional manner, such as using accent lighting for menus and specials. Accent lights can also be used for lighting pathways. They can be both practical and ornamental.

3 Consider Decorating Your Space

Decorations can add to or ruin a space. Decorations must not clash with your lights, furniture, or artwork. Choose decorations that will bring the room together. Select colors that will be enhanced by the restaurant’s lighting and overall aesthetic. By handpicking complimentary items, you can ideally set the restaurant’s mood.

4 Offer a Level of Professionalism

It does not matter the atmosphere or ambiance of a restaurant: professionalism is necessary for any business to succeed. Professionalism refers to more than just uniforms and polite staff members. Professionalism induces a level of sophistication. By offering professionalism, you are showing that you care for your customers. Customers will appreciate the professionalism, and it will only add to the ideal mood.

5 Provide Cleanliness

Similar to professionalism, cleanliness is non-negotiable. Cleanliness in itself provides professionalism. If your restaurant is not clean, then customers will not be impressed. Sticky floors do not match the atmosphere of an intimate, welcoming restaurant. Keeping surfaces, tables, and bathrooms clean plays a considerable role in setting the ideal mood for any restaurant.

6 Speak with a GCE National Restaurant Lighting Expert

What better way to ensure that you make the most of your space than to talk to a professional! GCE National can provide you with the professional help that you need. We will help you choose the right fixtures and the proper lighting.

Products That Are Useful for Mood Lighting

Many products can be helpful for your restaurant’s mood lighting. Depending on your ambiance, mood lighting products can look different for every restaurant.

Restaurants that have outdoor seating or cozy indoor seating may use string lights. String lights have become increasingly popular, and for a good reason. These lights supply just enough light to be useful, but not too much light that would ruin a comforting atmosphere.

Other products that may be useful are adjustable lights. By purchasing adjustable lights, owners have complete control over where the lights are pointed, how much light is being emitted, and which lights are needed. Dimmable lights can be used to control the brightness. Each product can add to the mood of your restaurant.

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