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How to Light a Cannabis Grow Room

After deciding to grow cannabis indoors rather than outdoors, there will be many things to consider. One of the most important aspects of a cannabis grow room is the lighting. A grower will need the appropriate lighting to ensure growth, safety, and profitability.

Deciding on the lighting is vital to the success of any grow room. Not only is darkness needed for seed germination, but then you will need an abundance of light to take the place of the sun for your plants.

There are many risks grow rooms face if their lighting is not adequate.

The Risk of Bad Lighting

Without HID (high-intensity discharge) bulbs, your plants will not be getting an adequate replacement for sunlight. Those using solely LED lights will most likely slow the growth of their plants than if they were using HID bulbs. LED lights emit less energy than HID; this is what causes a change in growth speed.

However, if LED lights are combined with the correct UV colors for the various phases of your plant’s life, they can create the same atmosphere as HID lights. Many grow houses choose LED combinations as they are more affordable, energy-efficient, and long-lasting than HIDs.

It is important to note that if you use a non-adjustable lighting system and your lights are too close to your plants; your plants may experience light burn. Leaves affected by light burn will be yellow or paler than the typical green. It can also cause your leaves to curl and become fragile. Be wary of light burn. Light burn can happen slowly over a few days or even weeks, so keep a close eye on the characteristics of your plants and the position of your lights. You can also purchase adjustable lights to avoid this issue entirely.

Signs of Light Burn

  • Yellow or paler green leaves
  • This may also be caused by inaccurate watering
  • Leaves may curl or break rather than bend
  • Droopy in stature

Steps to Lighting Your Grow Room Effectively

Lighting your grow room shouldn’t be complicated. The following items can be beneficial to your lighting system and help your grow room to succeed.

Light Proofing

You must first consider light proofing your grow room, which eliminates all outside light when you need it. You will be providing a strict schedule and specific light sources to your plants. To imitate the sun and darkness, you must have an area that is void of natural light.

Reflective Walls

Reflective walls are also key to your grow room. After choosing your light, you will need to generate a bright atmosphere for your plants. Reflective walls are a great help; this will maximize the energy and light you are providing.

Adjustable Light

Non-adjustable lights can be burdensome on your grow room. As your plants grow, their height and proximity to the lights should change. No matter where your plants are: in the ground, barely budding, or quickly rising, your lighting should be the appropriate distance. To determine the distance between plant and light, you must note the wattage of your bulbs and the type of bulb (HID, LED, Fluorescent, HPS, etc.). Adjustable lights allow you the freedom to move and position your lighting to allow your cannabis to grow to its fullest capacity.

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