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How to Keep Customers in Your Retail Store Longer With Lighting

Fashionable clothing store in shopping center. Sale and seasonal change of collection. Led lighting on the ceiling. Fire system and air conditioning system in retail shop. Blurred.Grabbing the attention of passersby can be easy in comparison to keeping them in your store. However, keeping your customers engaged does not have to be a daunting task. Keep reading to learn how your lights and a GCE National professional can help you!


Many benefits come when customers stay in your store for longer. For example, your store will look much fuller with more customers in it. When your customers stay in your store longer, it will appear more popular to those walking or driving by. Just appearing more popular can draw in a massive crowd. Customers are more likely to come into a store if it looks inviting. 

Not only will a busy store draw customers in for the first time, but it will keep customers coming back. It is proven that individuals are more likely to return to a store they know than they are to try a new store. 

Also, consumers that spend more time in a store are more likely to spend more money in said store. There isn’t a store around that is not looking to make a sale. You should want your customers to spend more time, so they will spend more money.


Shoppers who only spend a short amount of time inside can make your store appear less popular and empty. An empty store is not as inviting as a busy store. When your store looks empty, there is a risk of customers not entering at all! The last thing you should want is a loss in business. 

Also, those that spend less time in a store are not likely to purchase anything. It should be the goal of every store to look inviting to make more sales. A great way to catch the attention of passersby is through your lighting!


Consider The Temperature of Your Lights

It is hard to believe that the color of your lights can play a huge role in your customer’s engagement level. Different colors can elicit various feelings from individuals. Your store should use the psychology of colors to your advantage. 

For example, using a blue light can make your shopper more alert and aware of their surroundings. A blue light often makes an atmosphere look more modern and crisp. On the other hand, you could use a more yellow or warm color. Yellow lights can make your store feel more nostalgic and cozy. 

You tend to see blue lights in stores that are selling sparkly, expensive items. However, yellow lights are found more in stores that are selling vintage-styled items and clothing. Consider your products and how you want your customer to feel before choosing a temperature to use. 

The Store’s Mood and Size

Owners can also use colors to change the mood and size of their store. A cooler, white can make a small area larger than it is. In contrast, a warmer color can make a large space feel smaller! There are different scenarios in which either of these options can benefit your store. 

Perhaps you are trying to sell handcrafted figurines, you will probably want lights that make your store feel homey and familiar. Those selling physically large items in a small space will need those cooler lights to make the area feel more open.

Highlight and Contrasts

Layering lights can create an array of highlights and contrasts throughout your store. Highlighting and contrasting lights can directly benefit your sales! Lights can be used as directional assets. 

By highlighting certain areas of the store, you will draw the eyes of your customer. Your lights should work for you! You can make items and products appear more attractive using the correct lights. Lights can be used to highlight important sales, clearance, or push items.

Your Fixtures

The fixtures that hold your lights can also play a part in keeping your customers engaged. Fixtures can be used as a focal point in your store. For illustrative purposes, a large high-class chandelier makes a perfect attention-grabbing accessory. 

A uniquely modern wall fixture can be an even better choice for your store because it could make the perfect backdrop to a photo. You want your light fixtures to be a talking point among customers. Keep them engaged with striking features.

Don’t know where to start? Speak with GCE National about improving your store’s lighting! They have experts that understand the psychology of colors. Not only do they comprehend lights and colors, but they know how to apply that to your store. 

Let GCE National help keep your customers engaged from the parking lot to the checkout line. 

Keep your projects on track, on time, and on budget!

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