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How the Right Lighting Attracts More Customers to Your Store

If you own a retail store or business, you know the importance of attracting customers. Whether you are a newly opened store or an established business, it is crucial to catch the attention of passersby.

An excellent way to attract more customers to your store is through your lighting system! Want to know more about how lighting affects customers passing by? Keep reading to learn ways to attract customers with lighting and how a GCE National expert can help!

How a Store’s Lighting Affects Customers Passing By


With good lighting, your store will appear inviting and have a positive effect on a customers’ overall experience. Good lighting will grab an individual’s attention and pique their curiosity. You want your lights to draw people in, and you want to create an alluring ambiance. Good lighting will make your space feel inviting and comforting.


If you have chosen bad, dull lighting, you will have a negative effect on customers passing by. Dingy, lackluster lights will make customers uncomfortable and possibly fearful. Your store should never make someone unsure or scared of entering. Bad lighting can cause passersby to question what you are selling, who you are, or if you are open. Bad lighting will have a negative effect on customers and your business.

Ways to Attract Customers with Lighting

Outdoor Lighting

The first thing a customer will see will be the outside of your store; this is why it is vital to make a fantastic first impression. Outdoor lighting should attract customers, help them navigate, and convince them to come inside.

Stores and places of business should consider using illuminated roadside signage. Roadside signs can draw the attention of drivers and passengers looking for an experience or product. Your roadside signs should be illuminated to convey crucial information about your store, such as directions and store hours.

Signs directly outside your store should also be illuminated. Many store owners purchase signs that are prelit; such as neon signs, lighted box signs, and LED signs. Signage such as those can be low-maintenance and attractive to consumers.

Indoor Lighting

Once your outdoor lighting has drawn a customer into your store, you should use indoor lighting to create a mood for your brand. Ambient lighting, also known as mood lighting, is essential for store owners. The mood lighting will appeal to your customers and create a trademark look for your business. Having a trademark look will leave a long-lasting impression on your shoppers.

Also, utilize accent and dynamic lighting. Accent lighting is typically used to highlight important areas of the store and to create contrast throughout the store. Dynamic lighting can also help your store complete sales. Your indoor lighting should be welcoming; it should also provide luminance for navigation for customers and essential tasks for staff.

Optimize Your Lighting

After determining the mood and atmosphere of your store through lighting, you will need to optimize your lighting. You can use your lights to highlight various areas of the store. For example, spotlights can highlight window displays. Window displays are a great tool for attracting customers to your store. Also, spotlights can be used to highlight customer favorites and your best merchandise. You will always want to draw attention to your best features.

You should also utilize any natural sunlight in your store. Natural light can lower your energy costs and provide more than enough light for customers. Large windows are a significant asset to any store that requires bright lights.

Think of Your Product

Your choice of lights relies heavily on what you are selling in your store. For example, stores selling high-end jewelry will require brighter and crisp lights. Other stores selling locally-based merchandise in their boutique may need a softer, more natural light to highlight their products.

Choosing the right CRI (Color Rendering Index) and temperature can alter the way your product looks. Your goal should be to make your product look good. The correct lights can cause your product to appear more sellable. Always consider your product before choosing your lights.

Talk to a Professional

Are you unsure which lights are right for your store and your merchandise? When in doubt, talk to a professional! GCE National is more than capable of helping you navigate the complexities of lighting your store.

With professionals on staff, GCE National employees are glad to show you how a store’s lights affect customers. Talk to a GCE National expert today on how you can use your store’s lighting to attract more customers!

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