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How Hotels Can Keep Customers Coming Back with Excellent Lighting

How Lighting Affects Hotel Guest Experience

The lights in your hotel can significantly affect a guest’s experience. If a hotel has installed adequate lighting, guests are more likely to have a good experience. Lighting can help a visitor feel safe and protected. With bright lighting, guests can see their surroundings and feel confident in the hotel’s vicinity. Lights illuminate walking paths (indoor and outdoor), essential signage, and essential areas of the hotel. Hotels that have implemented directional lighting improve the overall experience for their guests.

The design of lighting also affects a person’s experience. With a great design and complementary fixtures, you can add to the ambiance of your hotel. Guests should feel as though they are home away from home. A hotel should feel homey and comfortable to visitors. With the right design, you can create an aesthetic that puts people at ease. By improving the look of your hotel, you are likely to see returning customers.

Risk of Bad Lighting

There are many downsides to poor lighting. Bad lighting can result in high electrical bills and energy output. Not only is this not good for your wallet, but it is also terrible for the environment. Choosing inefficient lighting can do more than hinder your budget. Bad lighting can also result in extra maintenance and installation fees. If you install bad lighting, they will probably see increased maintenance. Additional maintenance can mean shut down times for hotel rooms. You can lose business by shutting down areas of the hotel because it closes rooms and looks unprofessional.

Also, bad lighting sometimes does not meet building codes; this can cause future problems, fees, and shutdown times. Many hotels often purchase lighting that will look good in their hotel without considering its functionality. Good lighting is both beautiful and functional. It is vital to choose lighting that aids in the hotel experience. In the long run, bad lighting discourages returning guests.

How to Keep Customers Coming Back

Choose the Right Colors and Temperatures

Different colors and temperatures can completely change the atmosphere and vibe of your hotel. For example, if your hotel is located in the mountains of Tennessee, you will not want to use bright blue lights throughout the lobby. You should complement your decor and location. A softer, warmer color will benefit your hotel in this situation.

The correct colors and temperature can make your hotel feel comfy, classy, cold, or even dull. Many light experts will suggest using a higher CRI (Color Rendering Index) to add vibrancy to your lobby and rooms. Another popular suggestion is choosing warmer light temperatures in sitting areas to create a relaxing atmosphere and brighter light temperatures in productive areas.

Give Them the Controls

In addition to colors and temperatures, making light controls more accessible to guests will encourage them to return. Making lights more accessible allows guests to control their room and mood. Visitors will enjoy having access to various light sources and brightness levels, for example, implementing warm lamps, bright vanity lights, dimmable ceiling lights, and soft nightlights. With so many options available to them, your guests can light their room to their comfort. Controls must be easily understandable, as well. A comfortable guest is more likely to return.

Make the Area Safer

You can immediately make your hotel a safer place by installing safety lights. Begin by lighting important and dark areas around your hotels, such as parking lots and parking garages. More lights allow people to be aware of their surroundings. Crime is more likely to happen in darker, dimmer areas because victims can not see, and cameras are not likely to see. With a well-lit parking area, individuals can take appropriate precautions while also deterring criminals. Other areas that can benefit from brighter lights are stairwells, hallways, exit signs, and exteriors. You can make your hotel feel safer and motivate guests to return.

Consult a Lighting Expert

Lastly, but most importantly, asking an expert can increase your chances of securing returning customers. How can an expert help you achieve this? Lighting experts can help teach you all there is to learn about lighting your hotel. A reliable company that many people trust is GCE National. GCE National has provided customers with credible advice and instruction for many years. With a lighting expert on your staff, you can install the perfect lighting for your hotel. GCE National understands the importance of returning guests, and they are happy to help you improve their hotel experience.

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