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How Car Dealerships Use Lighting to Increase Sales

Good lighting is necessary for any company’s success. When it comes to successful sales, lighting can make all the difference in the world. That is why it is pertinent to prioritize your lighting!

When lighting your car dealership, first compare the advantages of good lighting and the risks of bad lighting. Once you see the difference lighting can make for your business, you will want to consider our lighting tips for increasing your sales!

GCE National can help you better light your car dealership, bringing in more customers and more sales.

Advantages of Good Lighting

Showcase Your Products

If you have the right lights illuminating your car dealership, your products are sure to be on display! An advantage of good lighting is that your products will appear appealing to your customers.

The goal of your company should be to showcase your products in a way that customers can appreciate. Your vehicle’s best features should sparkle under good lighting.

Create An Inviting Atmosphere

Another advantage of good lighting is that you can draw in new customers. The lighting of your car dealership should be inviting and attractive to passersby. Your lights should illuminate the building, your lots, and your products.

Provide Better Service

Not only does good lighting create an alluring atmosphere and products, but it also aids your employees. You should have fantastic lighting in your offices, parking lots, service bays, and maintenance areas; this allows your employees to work more efficiently. Good lighting helps mechanics diagnose vehicular problems, and it helps office workers complete necessary administrative tasks.

Risks of Poor Lighting

It Does A Disservice To Your Products

If you use poor lighting, it may hinder your ability to complete a sale. Dull, off-colored lights can make your vehicles and products appear lackluster and undesirable. Bad lighting will do a complete disservice to your products.

It Doesn’t Draw In New Customers

Car dealerships that do not use lights to draw in new customers will likely see a drop in sales and popularity. As stated before, lights should be used to create an inviting atmosphere. If customers are not impressed with your lots, they are unlikely to shop with your company.

It Hinders Your Employee’s Productivity

Without adequate lighting, your employee’s productivity will suffer. Maintenance crews will be unable to perform essential duties and responsibilities. If an employee cannot perform basic tasks, your customers will reap those consequences. It is crucial to provide good lighting to show your customers you care.

Lighting Tips For Increasing Sales

Types of Lights

There are many lights available for car dealerships. How can you know which to choose? There are different things to consider before choosing your type of light.

First, consider your space and buildings. If your facilities have high ceilings and hard-to-reach areas, you should look into low maintenance lights; such as LED lights. LEDs are energy-efficient, low maintenance, and long-lasting. Buildings with high ceilings and hard-to-reach areas can benefit from LEDs because they do not require regular upkeep.

Other types of lights to consider are induction fluorescent and metal halide. Induction fluorescent bulbs are also a long-lasting light; they typically output 400 watts as well. The biggest concern of induction fluorescent bulbs is overheating; they typically run warmer, causing a potential fire hazard and high energy costs.

Metal halide bulbs are some of the most common types of lights found in car dealerships; these bulbs have been around for some time. While in the past they were considered less energy efficient, they have made improvements. Metal halides are typically cheaper than other lights as well.

How to Use Your Lighting

Not only is the type of light important, but how you use your lights is just as vital! You should always arrange your lights to aid your employees in sales pitches, maintenance, and administrative work. By using direct and indirect lighting, you can create an engaging atmosphere; this combo should visually alter your products for the better.

Distinct light colors and intensities can also create a vibrant view of your business both inside and out. Your vehicles and products should be enhanced, not diminished in shine.

Adjustable and adaptable lights are almost always necessary for large businesses. You can program your lights to handle the following: temperature, timing, and positions. Things ultimately move a lot in a showroom; adjustable lights allow you to highlight each product efficiently. Adjustable and adaptable lights can also save you money and lessen your energy output.

Talk to a Professional

GCE National is a lighting company that has served many businesses and car dealerships alike; they have the experience and expertise to aid you in lighting your dealership.

They can answer questions like: which lights to choose, how to use your lighting, and how to increase sales through your lighting.

To increase sales at your car dealership, talk to a GCE National Automotive Lighting Expert!


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