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10 Expert Retail Lighting Practices

The lighting in your retail store is essential for creating a positive customer experience! If you choose the best lights for your retail store, you will see many benefits. However, it is also easy to make mistakes when it comes to lighting. Keep reading to learn the benefits of good lighting, things to avoid, the best practices, and how GCE National can assist you with all your lighting needs!

Benefits of Good Lighting

If you have good lighting in your retail store, you will see an increase in sales and customer visits. Successful lighting designs allow you to draw in new customers and keep customers coming back. If you implement good lighting, you will also boost the moods of your employees and customers! A good lighting plan is at the heart of every successful business.

Risk of Bad Lighting

If you do not have a good lighting plan in your retail store then you run the risk of ruining the productivity of your store and the happiness of your customers. Bad lighting can cause headaches, glares, distorted products, accidents, and more. It can affect everyone in the store and it can deter people from coming into the store! You must avoid poor lighting to keep your business running.

10 Best Retail Lighting Practices

Considering Lighting Codes

When lighting a retail store, there are many things to consider. The fixtures, the bulbs, the placement, the temperature, the color rendering index, and the list goes on. It can be easy to forget about electrical and energy codes! You must contact an electrical engineer or an official about lighting codes in your area. If you don’t, you may end up paying a hefty price!

Using Display Lighting

What is display lighting? Display lighting can include track lighting, freezer case lighting, shelf lighting, etc. You should use display lighting to highlight your products and draw the customer’s gaze. Using display lighting is beneficial for those who are pushing sales and various products.

Choosing Lights that Enhance the Products

Your light choice will heavily depend on the products and items you are selling. For example, if you are selling local hand-made items, you may lean more towards a softer, warmer light that appears vintage and intimate. On the other hand, those selling high-end espresso machines and accessories may want a brighter light that reflects well on the product.

Implementing a Control-Based System

If you want to save yourself time and money, you need a control system. Control systems allow you to access lighting features via remote or timers. Implementing lights on timers, motion sensors, and dimmers can save you money instantly. You won’t have to think twice about changing the lights if it is easily accessible.

Guiding the Customers

Use your lights to your advantage. You can strategically place lights around your store to guide your customers. Placing bright, directional lighting can catch the attention of your shoppers and lead them to important areas of your retail store!

Choosing Lights that are Inviting

One of the key responsibilities of your lights is to grab people’s attention and invite them into your store. You must choose outdoor lighting and illuminated signage to captivate passersby. Indoor lighting should appear inviting and intimate as well.

Considering Your Space

If your retail store has high ceilings and open spaces, you will need to light accordingly. Recessed lighting is a great option for tall areas, it adequately provides enough light for the entire space. Likewise, smaller stores can install lights around the edges of the space, and use fixtures that draw the eyes upward. This enlarges the area.

Optimizing Each Area With Lighting

Different areas of your retail store will require a variety of lights. For instance, your registers and front doors will need bright, efficient lighting for essential tasks. Also, corners and awkward nooks could benefit from ambient lighting, and shelves and racks will need accent or display lighting to highlight your products.

Speaking with a Lighting Expert

The best retail lighting practice of all is talking to a professional. A lighting expert, such as GCE National, can assist you by showing which lights will save you money, increase your sales, and boost your traffic.

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